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Model Shoot – Crash Taylor Shutterock Workshop

Wedding photographers get their inspiration from many places. One of the most successful wedding photographers in the UK is a Nottingham based guy called Crash Taylor. Crash admits that he gets a lot of his inspiration from fashion photographer and Hollywood movies. A few weeks back, I was fortunate to be able to see Crash put that inspiration into action, as part of workshop he ran to help promote a new UK based movement of photographers – Shutterock.

Shutterock is a group of portrait and wedding photographers that aim to support each other and help co-ordinate a more creative and contemporary way to photograph our clients. Shutterock will ultimately come together as a weekend long conference, but various shoots are being setup around the country to help promote the group in it’s early days.

Crash hosted a Nottingham based session – plied us with copious amounts of soft drinks, biscuits and pushed us out into the, then dry, city centre with a number of his favourite local models. As is the nature of our UK summer, the skies promptly opened up and we headed to an underpass to shelter and grab our first set of images. As you can see despite the weather and the location, I was still able to take some great shots of our models.

Thanks to Crash for being so generous with his time and opening his studio and his mind to our questions on his success and the future of our industry.

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