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Maternity Photography – Cheshire and North Wales

This time of the year is often a period of reflection for photographers and a chance to look back on the previous twelve months with an eye to planning how the next year will pan out.

It’s also an opportunity to use some of the time available to push boundaries and perhaps try things that they might not have otherwise worked on previously. Last weekend was one of those times where I was given carte blanche to do what I wanted, and it was fab.

A few weeks back I was approached to see if I would shoot a maternity session for a friend of mine, who might remember from this earlier make-up artist session. The last few weeks of pregnancy are some of the best times to photograph the blossoming bump and record, forever, the feelings that the mother to be has for what is coming, so very soon. I’d not had this chance, before, so when I was asked it didn’t take me long to say ‘yes’ and start working on some ideas for our session.

As ever, I was keen to make sure that my maternity photography providing something different for my client, where the emphasis was on the growing bump, using subtle lighting to help draw the eye to what is most important. We worked through a number of different set-ups and I so very pleased with what we were able to produce. There was quite a lot of experimentation and with the able assistance of my lovely wife, we put together a set of images that I’m proud of and my client is over the moon to have received.

If you a looking for professional family lifestyle portrait photography in Cheshire and North Wales, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Any sessions I book will be in the comfort of your home or in an outdoor location that is special to you.

Maternity photograph - pregnant woman in dress - black and white Maternity photograph - pregnant woman in brown silk Maternity photograph - pregnant woman in draped red cloth Maternity photograph - silhouette of pregnant woman - black and white

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Jonathan Yearsley is a qualified and award winning wedding and portrait photographer with a fashion edge, based on the outskirts of Chester, Cheshire.

He photographs in stunning venues and locations in Cheshire, North Wales and around the UK.
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