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Photography Training is an essential

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Photography training is a regular element of my year’s investment, whether it be attendance at the SWPP annual conference, a course with a Mexican wedding photographer, or something closer to home.

An important part of that regular training is my time spent on a special Mentoring programme run by the very successful lighting guru, commercial, wedding and portrait photographer – Damian McGillicuddy. Damian has played a large part in the progression of my photography skills for some time now, and I’ve seen a giant leap in my understanding of lighting and posing since I’ve been part of this programme.

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Damian has recently made the move to an impressive dedicated commercial studio near the centre of Chester, after being located in Warrington for quite some time before that. Obviously, the move is a handy one for me, being a Wrexham portrait photographer, but the new studio is a great boon too. The mentoring is not only designed to help boost both my photography skills, but help with my business success too, which is equally as important in these days of austerity.

Each session consists of us reviewing the previous months successes and issues, looking through new images taken and critiquing our homework too. Yes, we get set homework challenges, which are meant to push us to shoot regularly and try something that is sometimes outside of our comfort zone. This isn’t the sort of training you do if you aren’t happy to get things reviewed and the issues highlighted without any sugar coating. We’re all big boys now and should be able to take the critique and learn from it too. So it’s a lot more than the ‘love your images’ that is so often found on the forums and photography groups found on the internet. Instead it’s a proper review from someone who really knows his stuff.

The images you see here were taken over the last two sessions with Damian. With another session coming up soon, I’m looking forward to pushing my skills that much further, once again and being really stretched.

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If you would like me to shoot your model portfolio or family portraiture, please get in touch.

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