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St John’s the Evangelist wedding, Alvanley

Cheshire wedding bride and groom - contemporary bridal image

In the first of what was due to be a weekend of back to back second shooting for Liam, of CG Weddings, the Saturday saw us travelling the short distance from Chester to Helsby and then on to Alvanley for the wedding service and reception of Darren and Jane.

An early start meant that Liam and I met up with Darren and his best man over at Darren’s house, in Helsby. A quick breakfast, stocking up of essential tipples for the groom and some military quality ironing ticked off the list, we headed on over to a nearby cottage to meet up with Jane and her mum.

A quick blast up the hills of the Cheshire Gap took us to the lovely little village of Alvanley and the St John’s the Evangelist Church. It’s a beautiful church set on the edge of fields, which immediately grabbed Liam and my eyes as a perfect backdrop for some great bride and groom shots after the ceremony. A coach soon pulled up and unloaded the Brymbo Male Voice choir in readiness for them providing the musical accompaniment to the wedding ceremony. They certainly made a great addition to the ceremony and something I’d recommend to anyone wanting to add a genuine Welsh aspect to their church wedding.

After the ceremony it was a quick walk across the road to enjoy aperitifs at the White Lion Inn. Darren and Jane were great sports in venturing into the fields for the bridal shots, making full use of the moody skies, which brought something to the photographs but did not spoil the wedding day by actually raining.

After the guests enjoyed their wedding breakfast, it was time for us to cover a moving set of speeches from Jane’s brother and Darren.

Some of my favourites from the day are shown below. If you are thinking of wedding photography at Alvanley, then please get in touch.

Groomsman preparation - Helsby wedding photographer Groomsan preparing whisky for wedding day - Cheshire wedding photographer Flowers and button holes for wedding day - Chester wedding florist Clogau gold cufflinks - wedding photographer Chester Wedding rings Grooms suit and ironing - Flintshire wedding photographer Wedding preparation - Cheshire wedding photographer Brides wedding dress hanging - Flintshire weddings Bridal heirlooms - brides preparation - Cheshire wedding photographer Wedding day perfume - Daisy - Wedding photographer Flintshire Bridal make-up preparation images - Helsby wedding photographer Black and white wedding images - Bridal preparation Bride putting on wedding dress - mother helping - Chester wedding photographer Bride opening celebratory champagne bottle - Flintshire wedding photography St Johns the Evangelist Church - Alvanley - Helsby - Cheshire wedding venue Interior of St Johns Evangelist church Alvanley Wedding flowers decorate interior of Alvanley St Johns Evangelist church Groomsmen arrive in wedding car - Alvanley church Guests arrive at Alvanley St Johns church - Helsby wedding photographer More guests arrive and greet groom at St Johns Church Groomsmen enjoying the waiting for the wedding - Cheshire wedding photographer Groomsman waits for bride Mother of the bride waits in St Johns Evangelist church door Guests wait fo the bride to arrive - Wrexham wedding photographer Bride arrives with her brother to give her away Bride and groom start wedding ceremony - Wrexham wedding photographer Brymbo male voice choir sing in wedding ceremony - Wedding photography Chester Church wedding ceremony - Chester wedding photography Placing of rings on finger - wedding ceremony Helsby Newly married couple leave the church together - Flintshire wedding photographer New bride and groom thank guests outside church - Wedding photographer Cheshire Bridal images - contemporary style in fields of wheat - Chester Fashion flair wedding imagery - Bride and groom - Cheshire wedding photography The White Lion Alvanley - wedding receptions Helsby Family wedding photography - Chester wedding photographer Groomsen practice acrobatics with the groom - Chester weddings Groomsen give groom a list - Flintshire weddings Father of the bride speeches - brother of bride gives speech to guests - Wrexham wedding photographer Bride in teears in father of the bride speeches - wedding speeches - Cheshire Grooms speech - laughing guests - Chester wedding photographer Guests enjoying speeches - White Lion Alvanley wedding reception Raising a glass to the bride and groom - White Lion wedding receptions

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