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Cheshire wedding photographer – a guide for brides

Cheshire Wedding Photographer

Cheshire wedding photographer

JAY Photographic Images provides Cheshire brides the very finest fashion influenced wedding photography.

Are you getting looking to get married in Cheshire? Who will be your Cheshire wedding photographer?

There are a number of things you should consider when looking for a Cheshire wedding photographer:


Picking a Cheshire wedding photographer means you are selecting more than just a photographer for the duration of your wedding day. You are booking a wedding photographer that will be with you, your family and your friends all day on your wedding day and in touch for months before the big day too. Your wedding photographer’s personality is a huge part of the decision process.

The Cheshire wedding photographer you select and their personality can set the tone and energy for your entire wedding day and that of your wedding party too. The way they work with you equally impacts the wedding photographs themselves. Typically you could be working with your wedding photographer for a year or more, with advanced booking, the engagement session, the weeks before the wedding and through to post wedding sessions and album designs.


Every client sees prices as determining factor when selecting their Cheshire wedding photographer, however it should not the most important element. Don’t make your decision on who is your wedding photographer entirely on price. There are too many stories of disappointment where finding the cheapest photographer was the main pursuit. If you think of everything that you invest in as part of your wedding day, your wedding photography is the most tangible part of what you remember from your wedding.

Wedding Albums

Once the wedding photos have been delivered, what will you be doing with them. My packages all include print resolution images and the rights to print and distribute them, but what about a wedding album. Wedding couples should always think about putting them in a beautifully designed wedding album such as the one available within the packages I offer. Think how much of an important heirloom this wedding album will become to your family.

When choosing a Cheshire wedding photographer, look through the album options they offer and how it reflects your family. The choices are vast, as wedding albums come in many styles, sizes, designs, covers and even offer green credentials. Questions you could ask your Cheshire wedding photographer might include:

1) How many pages come as standard with the wedding album
2) Typically how many images might that include
3) What cover options are available for my wedding album
4) Can you select parent albums that match our main album


One thing that you shouldn’t overlook when selecting your Cheshire wedding photographer, is the number of hours coverage of your Cheshire wedding that will be included. You should want you wedding photographer to be there to document all the important moments of your wedding day. Are they not there for that purpose? My wedding packages offer a typical number of hours coverage from 8-10 hours, with the chance to extend this for large and multi-ceremony weddings e.g. Civil combined with Hindu.

Take a look at what packages some other photographers offer, it could be that their starting package offers only a few hours and if you really want proper coverage the costs soon add up.

How many photographers do you require

Depending on the set-up of your wedding there might be a need for at least two wedding photographers. Are both you and your groom getting ready at separate locations? How far apart are they and could one wedding photographer realistically cover both and still be at the ceremony location in time to photograph guests arriving and the interior of the venue? Selecting a package with multiple photographers means that the event can be covered from multiple angles and tasks shared between them.

JAY Photographic Images is a Cheshire wedding photographer based in the North Wales borders, offering wedding photography in North Wales, Cheshire, the Wirral Merseyside area, Shropshire and around the UK.

If you would like more information about your Cheshire wedding photographer, please click through to or call us on 07836 756002.